Monday, November 13, 2017

Gollie Charm

My popular little "Gollie  Charm" quilt (approx 24x26"). Designed and made in 1996. 
In fact mine was so popular it was stolen from my shop. 
The sample shown here was very generously made under the cover of darkness by my friend Jean O'Connor who  surprised me with this  replacement.
 Patterns are $15.40 and kits which include all fabrics, threads and fusible web are now available with red, green or blue borders. Kits $66.00.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Amelia pre fused bear

Amelia Bear is approx 6&1/2" and all ready to press to your background and stitch. 
Faces are painted and just need an ecru French knot in each eye. 
Detail lines are also drawn for added embroidery stitches  to enhance this  little bear. 
Price: $13.50 per bear 

Each bear comes packaged and includes instructions to complete. 

Christmas packs

Even more delicious "in the flesh" are these beautifully rich fabrics. 
Christmas fat 1/16th packs ( 16 fabrics to = 1 metre) $26.40 
or fat 1/8th packs (8 fabrics 25cm x 1/2 width) in darks (mostly reds and greens) or lighter.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Sue Daley designs

Two new books in. 

Priced at $17.60 each. 

Playing with paper - hearts - 25 pages - covers tools required, epp techniques, fussy cutting, and many individual  heart designs made by various epp shapes. There is also a section on using the epp hearts as  borders, and one on heart blocks. It shows how to use the various shapes to create the designs.  A fabulous jam packed booklet.  

Petite pincushions gives many pincushion designs including instructions and techniques to achieve them. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Raggedy Anne

Raggedy Hearts blanket available as a pattern or kit. 
The raggies are now available as pre fused figures @$15.00 each. Second picture shows a finished stitched raggy. 
With your pre fused figure, all you need to do is press to fuse then blanket stitch, adding extra details in back stitch. The  facial features are completed. Hair needs to be done in e.g stem stitch. 


Always great to see supportive customers like Jane who make regular visits. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

EPP- hexagons

Just s few pics to show you how I sew and prepare my hexagons. I like to use the Sewline glue pen on my papers. I hold the hexagons together with a wonderclip as I sew. I also use wonder clips to hold batches of hexies together ready to take with me  to  sew. 

Sarah pre fused bear & Head start sewing bag.

Pic no 1.
More of Sarah pre fused bear. Sarah is approx 11" tall and is ready to be pressed to background fabric and stitched. A reminder that no guarantees can be made for identical bears to be made as I often use pieces left over from my quilts. $15.00 per bear- hand drawn, cut and assembled by ne. 
Pic no 2
Head start - "take it and go stitch" - everything you need including instructions to make the sewing bag. No pattern.

English paper piecing tip for newbies

Firstly, I am reasonably new to English paper piecing, so many of you will know far more than me, but some folk are new to it and have asked  how I go about it. 
 No template ? 
Just a little tip for cutting shapes for epp. 
Pic 1. I have four layers of fabrics. I stapled the paper template through the layers. 
Pic 2. I used my rotary cutter lining up 1/4" seam allowance to make  the straight cuts.
Pic 3. I then used scissors to cut the curve. 
Now all ready for glueing ( or tacking if you prefer). 

Friday, July 28, 2017

Friends like flowers, grow with love

'An oldie but a goodie'- "Friends like flowers, grow with love" is a small quilt (35cm x 43cm) made entirely by hand- great for a beginner/child or someone who doesn't have a sewing machine. Kit contains everything except the tied buttons on the binding. 

Contact Li'l  Bloke's

Or 0424452024

03 54439195 

Friday, July 21, 2017

Afraid to start ? Boy Gollies

More  in the "afraid to start ? " category. 
Bobbie and Serge are pre fused Gollies ready to press  to your background and stitch, adding the hairstyle of your choice. 
Check out  the gollie quilt, Bom, or mystery quilts categories for many hair ideas. 
Bobbie just shy of  10" and Serge 11" tall. 
These figures with the faces done( just need an ecru dot on each eye to give sparkle) are priced st $15.00 each. 
Available exclusively at Li'l Bloke's.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


"Sabine" pre  fused gollie approx 30 cm tall. 
Sabine is ready to be fused to your background and stitched with blanket stitch/buttonhole around the raw edges. Detail lines are drawn  for you to add extra dimension using e.g backstitch for dress gathers, detail on shoes etc.  Facial details  are already fused and drawn with  black pigma pen. Hair idea is drawn on background paper.  Of course many variations on hair can be viewed by looking at Gollies represented in  my many gollie designs. 
$15.00 per figure.
Contact Li'l Bloke's on:- 
03 5443 9195 or email

Friends in a Row

Two versions of the beautiful Birdhouse wallet. 
I made mine a little deeper than the pattern stated and slightly more patchy
 My friend Chris Laubsch made the lovely neutral one. 
Contact me for details on the patterns or kits. 

Jo Morton Fabric Bundles

Jo Morton fabric bundles $26.40 for  
16 x fat 1/16ths  or priced accordingly if not 
the full metre. 
Fantastic for appliqué projects, scrap quilts or epp to name a few. 

Sarah pre fused bear

"Sarah" pre  fused bear approx 30 cm tall. 
Sarah is ready to be fused to your background and stitched with blanket stitch/buttonhole around the raw edges. Detail lines are drawn  for you to add extra dimension using e.g backstitch for e.g. cheek outlines or  dress gathers Facial details  are already drawn with  black pigma pen- add a French knot in ecru thread or a small dot of white paint  to provide sparkle.
$15.00 per figure.
Contact Li'l Bloke's on:- 
03 5443 9195 or email

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Make it Blue

Make it Blue by Natalie Bird- so many gorgeous projects both big and small - all done in blues. 
Book $31.90 plus p&h. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Designs by Li'l Bloke's

I have a new rack which hopefully displays my range of patterns more clearly for you.  
Some of my Li'l Bloke's pattern  range include 
quilts, bags, cushions, mystery quilts and Boms. 
My doll and gollie patterns are not shown in this rack. 
Of course I have patterns by many other Australian and overseas designers. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Honey Bun and Small Honey Bun quilts

Small Honey Bun (21&1/2" x 23&1/2")  and Honey Bun  (approx 29" square) quilts available as patterns or kits. 
Fabrics will be as close as possible but as these quilts were made in 1995 there will be some changes. 
I will confirm kit prices asap. 
Patterns- small $17.60 and large $19.25 are full sized including layout. 


Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sarah -pre fused bear

"Sarah" prefused bear. 
Price $15.00 
Sarah is ready to press to fuse onto your chosen background. 
Simply buttonhole stitch to hold. Detail lines are drawn to guide you in adding extra stitching detail. 
Sarah is just under 30cm (12") tall. 
She has her facial features added in black pigma pen, and shading for extra definition. 
Just add an ecru French knot in each eye to add sparkle.
Various clothing colours available.