Saturday, February 28, 2015

Theodora Cleave

Beautiful hand painted buttons by Theodora Ckeave- new designs just in e.g. Elephant, giraffe( several colors available) the photo doesn't show the variety as e.g. There are several styles of bunnies in one rubber band. 
Prices vary. 

Pre fused bears

Due to the popularity of my fused gollies, I have been asked to do pre fused bears. 
These are much bigger than the gollies, and therefore need more fabric and more pieces so are priced accordingly. 
Right or left facing bears all ready to fuse to your chosen project. 
Lines are drawn for faces.  and to assist with extra textural detail on faces, dresses, pantaloons and socks and shoes.
Available in pairs for $25.00 or single bears $12.50. Colors can be mixed or one color scheme. 

Pigma Pens

Are these pens really as hard to find as people say ?
I have been asked many times recently for these pens, as it seems many shops are not stocking them.
I stock red,  black and brown generally in size 1 or 5, 1 being the finest. 
Great for folks' faces, quilt labels, tracing stitchery designs. 
Note these are 'Permanent pens'. 
Price:  $8.00 each 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Bendigo Doll and Teddy Show

Rotating mat

Wow ! What a gem this is ! 
Great for fussy cutting of hexagons etc. for all those small pieces. 
Price as shown - plus postage. 

Rulers /quilting tools