Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Elegant Quilts, Country Charm

Elegant but easy are the many projects using wool appliqué to add depth and texture to your projects. Even beginners can create these cozy, antique-looking quilts. Choose from 11 traditional projects that combine reproduction fabrics with felted wool appliqué designs, or use cotton if you prefer. This book includes quilts, table runners, pillows, and more.
Price: $44.45
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Overseas: credit card or paypal only.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Making and sharing- last days for competition entries

Freya's drawing

Well I had the most delightful letter this week from a gorgeous 5 year old girl named Freya. I had made her Mum (now 40) a raggedy Ann in 1975 which was much loved and played with and now passed on to Freya who is also getting pleasure from her. The doll was just the Mc Calls pattern of a very simple Raggedy Ann. In the pattern Anne (and Andy) were provided in various sizes. Freya’s letter was accompanied by a photo of her with that old raggedy Ann (who now has new clothes made by her Grandma.......Freya’s grandmother and I were bridesmaids for each other).  Included with the photos and letter, was a photo of a 5 year old’s beautiful drawing of the doll in question (see above), as she took the original drawing to her kinder.
Over the years, I have made many many dolls to sell and more particularly as gifts. I have often worried "how will this home made gift be received?" "Will they like it ?" 
Do you wonder "Will the time and love you have put into it be appreciated?" 
You do hear some very sad/disappointing stories of unappreciated gifts that have been made so lovingly ( and often with much expense) that it is gratifying to hear the good stories.

Would love to hear from you re the experiences you have had in making and sharing your home sewn projects. The best story will receive a $30.00 voucher to Li'l Bloke's.
Please email your story to:

closing date 28/9/2012