Friday, July 31, 2015

Sewline scissors

New scissors by Sewline. 
These can be used by right or left handed folk. 
Price of smaller one is $40.70, larger ones a little more- can't recall exactly what.  

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Harvest Mix

Beautiful autumn toned fabrics by Renee Nanneman priced @ $19.70 per metre. 
Also available as fat 1/16th bundles, but seeing as there are only 11fabrics in this range I have topped them up with some other beautiful autum toned fabrics. 
I have some gorgeous felts to match.

Playhouse gollies stage 3

Playhouse gollies stage 3 is now complete. Sorry for the delay on this - due to a few physical issues that prevented me from doing much ( and sometimes no) stitching.
Bom stages are $58.30 and include everything for the quilt top and binding , including threads buttons and fusible web. 
This stage can also be a stand alone pattern @$16.50 but is not available as a stand alone kit, as, as well as new fabrics being supplied in this stage, you need to rely on fabrics which have been supplied in earlier stages. 
Playhouse gollies is a 5 stage Bom. All stages are priced the same.

Monday, July 13, 2015

60 degree triangles.

60  triangles. This ruler is fabulous for many sizes of triangles. 
Cut a strip e.g. 4 and 1/4" if you are wanting a 4 and 1/4" triangle.
You may cut several layers at one time, ensuring that your strips are level. 
Use scraps or one light fabric and one dark. 
I am sorry to have used varying types of fabric as I got carried away piecing them and then had to cut more from different fabrics to show the steps. 

Below- Top and tail the triangular ruler (as in  the grey fabrics- which I have separated to show the cuts.)  

Below :- I put a dot on the straight grain while the triangles were still basically in their cut position, so my straight grain would be along the length of e.g a border strip.

Below:- If making a strip or border:- Alternate a light and a dark for your strip. See my pic and refer to Lynette's pirate pattern

My triangles (above) are being used for my shop sample of Lynette Anderson's  Pirate Treasure pattern pictured below.

Hint of Print

Hint of print is another beautiful range of fabrics priced @$26.95.
30 cm cuts priced as most fabrics are @$7.50 and 3 x 30cm pieces for $20.00.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Farmyard Pincushions

Pattern:$13.20 - includes 2 flower buttons.

Simple stitcheries with a central flower button embellish these delightful pin cushions. 

Count Your Blessings

Pattern: $1 3.20- includes the moon button. 
A delightfully simple and pretty project incorporating simple applique and stitchery. 

The Sewing Book

Pattern: $17.60
Approx size 6&1/2" x 7"
Simple applique and stitching done on wool, this little book has several pockets for those essential sewing needs. 

Beehive Bag

Pattern $17.60
Beehive bag and coin purse are beautifully detailed with applique and stitchery. 

Sewing friends

Pattern $17.60  - includes the 3 buttons required for  this project. 
Four little windows in this design give you a peek into the sewing room, who is sitting where, and what they are working on. The design includes jars of buttons, spools of thread and the ever watchful helpful quilter's  cat. 

Nick the Santa

Pattern $16.50
Nick is a 60cm (24") jolly Santa with hand drawn and colored face and mohair beard and hair.
He wears gathered trousers and a cuffed and trimmed coat which has a buttoned front and a belt with a buckle. He has black boots and a hat with a bell.  His mitt type hands are simply wired so he can hold his toy sack which is adorned with ribbons and bells.

Close up of face. 


Colored face: $16.50
One of my two favorite  Katkin's designs, Lizzie is a 66cm (26") cloth doll with hair  made from torn fabric and yarn which is tied into pigtails held together with ribbons. She wears a buttoned and collared blouse with a lace trimmed pinafore and pantaloons. She also wears socks and ribbon tied gathered shoes. 

Detail of face. 


Clare is a 56cm (22") cloth doll with a hand drawn and colored face. You may like to add some face sculpting as an option. She has knotted elbows and knees to slow for  flexibility in posing. Her shoulder joint is also flexible, and detail is added with stitched fingers and wrists. Clare's clothing comprises blouse, pants and a pinafore with contrast trim and lace. Her boots are sewn in and tied with ribbon.

Close up of face 


Pattern: $16.50
Colored face: $16.50 
Kate is a 22" (56cm) cloth doll with yarn hair and a hand drawn and colored face. Her head and arms are made separately and then sewn to the body. She has stitched knee and elbow joints and wired fingers. Her clothing comprises lace trimmed pants and a collared blouse with puffed sleeves and a back opening. Her pinafore also buttons down the back and has cross over straps that button to the pinny at the front. 

Close up of face. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Effie and Ollie

Effie and Ollie - make as pincushions or toys.
Pattern: $16.50

Henrietta Turtle

Henrietta turtle - make as a pincushion or toy. 
Pattern: $16.50

Christmas fabric

Fabulous  fabrics from the range 'Always the Season' by Faye Burgos priced at $26.95 per metre. 
A little dearer than most fabrics! but I still offer these  as 30 cm pieces for $7.50 and 3 x 30cm for $20.00. 
The centre fabric has many (14 ??? Forgot to check) different  strips approx 3""  wide - so useful.


Add to your reproduction fabrics with these beautiful 'Past endearments'  by Judi Rothermel priced @ $26.95.
I do offer these ( as with most of my 115cm fabrics) @ $7.50 for 30cm or 3 x 30cm pieces for $20.00.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Time with Friends

Lynette Anderson fabrics "Time with friends"  $24.40 by the metre.

Fat 1/8th packs comprising eight fat 1/8ths available at the same price.

Of course this is available in my usual 3x30cm for $20.00 as well.

Seeking fabric

If anyone has even 10 cm of this fabric I would be most grateful to receive some. 
It is Cielle by Lecien. 
I desperately need it for some kits I am doing - and even need to finish my own quilt with it too. 

Just in case your pc or whatever device you are using shows this as a cream background, it's not - it's blue !!

Please contact me on 0424452024  or the shop number 03 5443 9195 

Spice Pallette

Price per metre $26.95 

Add this beautiful print to your collection of the very popular greys. 
30 cm cuts priced @ $7.50 or 3 x 30s -look for other fabrics to conplement) for $20.00 

Historical Stripes

Historical stripes by Paula Barnes priced @ $26.95.
As with most of my fabrics 30cm cuts @ $7.50 and 3 x 30cm for $20.00 - and I have many otherPaula  Barnes' fabrics to complement this one. 

Poulets de Provence

Price: $21.90 per metre. 
Also available as 3 x 30 cm pieces @ $20.00 
Delicious reds, the chevron design almost has a slight hint of the 'now so popular grey' look to it. 

Wool felts

New stock in the following colors arrived today. 
Wool/acrylic 'squares' 12"x 18"" 
Priced @ $6.40 per piece
Fairly true to color on my iPad except for babbling brook which appears too dark - it is like the beautiful teal that you see in the ocean.