Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apology re shop hours

I apologise to those who came to my shop this past Monday ( 19th Sept) and thought the shop should have been open. On Mondays I have been "open by appointment only " for a couple of years now, but my sign stating that, had been stolen,  revealing only the painted sign which stated I should be open on Mondays. Some poor folk came back a couple of times and found that I was still closed. I do apologise for any inconvenience.
Also beginning in October my hours will change as I need a little "down time". I will be closing at 4:00p.m. Tuesday to Friday and 10-2 will remain for Saturday. Sunday  will remain closed,  and Monday  by appointment. Because I am often out of range on my mobile on Monday, I need advanced notice of your visit.0424 452 024   I will come and open for you if it's at all possible. Lynn