Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Autumn Lights

Take the worry out of choosing your fabrics by selecting one of the new  beautifully co-ordinated fabric bundles I have put together. I have called these Autumn lights as they are not as strong as the real autumn oranges, tans and golds. They almost have an apricot quality.

The bundles have one metre of fabric, each of the 16 pieces being approx 10" 11" or 25 x 27 cm.
It is amazing what you can get out of one of these bundles and many of my quilts have started off with a fat 1/16th bundle.  e.g Old Time Bears, Old Time Gollies, Hearts and Flowers, Chocolate Bears and Counting on my Friends to name a few.
Price $26.40 or 2 bundles for $50.00
Posting additional.

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