Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Applique Paper

As you can see from the pic there are 20 "letter sized" sheets sheets 8.5" x 11" ( A4 size as we know it)
suitable to pass through your inkjet printer.
These may be used for  a variety of purposes:-

1. gluestick applique needleturn applique and/or English Paper piecing - You can just print all of your appliqué templates or  English paper piecing shapes onto it and just cut them out There is no need to remove the papers at the end – just wash and they dissolve into soft fibres inside your quilt.
2. foundation paper piecing- If you like Foundation paper piecing then you can print your foundation templates straight onto the appliqué paper, stitch through the paper and then just leave it there! There is no tearing out of paper at the end.
3. As a stabliser.

It is also semi transparent so if you have a pattern with appliqué templates included you can trace them straight onto the appliqué paper.

Price: $ 20.95 per pack.
P and H: $1.20

Overseas: credit card or paypal only.
Overseas postage to be determined.

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