Thursday, February 23, 2017

Paula Barnes fabrics

Gorgeous selection of Paula Barnes fabric. 
16 x fat 1/16ths which equals 1 metre. 
$26.40 or any two bundles for  $50.00

Sarah -pre fused bear

"Sarah" prefused bear. 
Price $15.00 
Sarah is ready to press to fuse onto your chosen background. 
Simply buttonhole stitch to hold. Detail lines are drawn to guide you in adding extra stitching detail. 
Sarah is just under 30cm (12") tall. 
She has her facial features added in black pigma pen, and shading for extra definition. 
Just add an ecru French knot in each eye to add sparkle.
Various clothing colours available.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Specials this weekend

Li'l Bloke's is offering great reductions this coming Saturday - 
* fabrics 30% off 'metre plus' cuts from fabrics on the bolt, 
* 40% off end of bolts
* 20% from pre cut fabrics
* many designer  patterns reduced by 30%