Friday, April 29, 2016

quilt labels

Tonight I have been spending some time catching up on some quilt labels (for some of my old old
I often add an applique figure which has been represented on the quilt top, sometimes printing my text with micron pig a pens.  
Tonight I have used ink jet printables. With this method, I type my design details on the computer and print them out. I like to use the 6x4" labels as they are the perfect size for one label. You could use the A4 labels but I would suggest preparing at least 4 labels to make it an economical  use of that size. I find the labels are a little stiff, which makes for  slow stitching on to your quilt back, so I have added a little fabric border. I used some fusible web (to make the label a little more difficult should anyone want to remove it) but didn't quite go to the edges to make it easier to sew on. The birders have been pressed in half after being added thereby having a fold on the outer edge. I have used blanket stitch with DMC but quilting thread with a slip stitch could also be used. 
Sadly I couldn't remember who quilted the two quilts pictured, but generally like to include that information too. 

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