Thursday, September 12, 2013

Friday 13th September Sale - one day only for 13th birthday

A little reminder for you:-
Li’l Bloke’s shop is 13 this year  !!!!
And this Friday 13th is the one day sale for September !!!
and, as there is no 13th month in our calendar, I am having specials on the 13th of each month   (providing the 13th is a shop day). There will be heaps of things at $13.00 and also 13% discount off other products. The specials will change each month.
* These specials will only be available for payment on that day and will be available to mail order customers as well as customers through the door.     
Specials will be on “in-stock” items only.
* Some special include:
1. End of half bolts $13.00 per metre 
2. 13% off all kits with the exception of BOMs and mystery quilts
3. BOM pattern sets by other designers -will be reduced by $13.00 if they have 5 or more stages.- Some of these are in limited supply so you will have to be quick !!!
I have shown the normal price per pattern set in this listing, so take $13.00 off.  This is a great opportunity to buy these patterns:  Some of these include:-
Hey Diddle Diddle by little Green Cottage – normally $126.00 for the pattern set,
Salt Box Farm by Birdhouse  
In My Garden by Hatched and Patched
Animal Crackers by Bronwyn Hayes $120.00- a fantastic circus quilt with superb figures (as only Bronwyn can draw)to appliqué,
It’s a Dolly’s Life by Rosalie Quinlan $125.00 a ten part doll’s house to appliqué, 
H & F Wagtime by Lynette Anderson $98.00,
Stitched by Me  by Lynette Anderson $110.00 includes the special buttons,
A Kitten’s Take by Lynette Anderson $110,
Scandinavian Christmas by Lynette Anderson $77.00,
In Full Bloom by Lynette Anderson $66.00,
Dolly and Me by Kookaburra Cottage $66.00 – a delightful bear appliqué with 3 dimensional  bears and raggies to play with. Fantastic value !
4. Half price pattern sets:
Prim Babies  by Angels in Disguise Normally $70.00  ( 12 blocks of Raggedies to embroider),
Bears & Daisies by Angels in Disguise $60.00 – a 6 part bear appliqué quilt.
5. Patterns up to $16.50 value ( no matter who the designer) @ $13.00
6. Most 112 cm fabrics  @ $13.00 per metre min 1 metre (does not include  textured fabrics, or fabrics which have come in the past couple of months)  
7. Most other quilting and patchwork supplies are discounted by 13%.
Payment methods:
1. Visiting the shop in person 
2. Ringing and having the amount charged to your credit card
3. Cheque or money order
4. Paypal- allow time for me to create an invoice for you and payment to be made. You will have to act quickly for this option !
4. Direct debit to my bank account: Bank details are BSB: 704 -191 Account No: 22810 Name: L.Hyland- again quick action- if paying by this method you will need to notify me by email with a copy of your transaction. 
* Overseas orders are credit card and paypal only.

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