Thursday, September 12, 2013

Civil War and reproduction fabrics 11-20

The second 10 Civil War and reproduction fabrics to be shown.
Some of these are in limited supply so be quick !!!

I am pricing all of these at the uniform price of $18.00 per metre with a 25 cm minimum cut per piece. 
Postage and Handling to be added.

Payment by:-  cheque or money order, paypal, bank transfer or credit card,- please contact the shop with credit dertails if using this option.
Overseas:-  credit card or paypal  only.
For those wishing to pay via paypal, please email for an invoice to be created.

M-D892-121T.bmp (188056 bytes) 11. Judy Rothermel

M-D893-113T.bmp (188056 bytes) 12.  Judy Rothermel

M-P696-121T.jpg (30443 bytes) 13.  Judy Rothermel

F-312.jpg (11105 bytes) 14.

M-2755-B.JPG (36333 bytes)   15. Civil War Chronicles

M-4027.JPG (20405 bytes)  16.  Judy Rothermel

M-4034.JPG (27254 bytes)  17 Judy Rothermel

M-2000-135-2.JPG (35960 bytes)  18 Heritage Classics

M-E953-113D.jpg (12549 bytes)   19. Old Sturbridge Village

E635-113T.bmp (188056 bytes)  20. Old Sturbridge Village

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