Friday, September 30, 2016

Pre fused - "Counting on my Friends"

Pre fused guys - bears or Gollies - take your pick. 
Buy one figure for $11.00 or 2 for $22.00 ( combination of Gollie and Bear or two Gollies or two bears). 
Figures are approx 11". 
Gollie's eyes and mouths are just ready to applique, with pupils in eyes drawn  in pigma pen. Bear features are drawn in pencil for you to embroider or pen. Pencil lines are also drawn for clothing details which could be done in backstitch. 
These  figures were used in my design "Counting on my Friends". 
Using my fat /16th bundles you can cut 32 pants and 32  shirts from one bundle. Check my blog for any further details :-

Photo below is my cot quilt "Counting on my Friends" 

Sorry the photo is a photo of a photo - forgot to photograph my quilt. 

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