Monday, July 13, 2015

60 degree triangles.

60  triangles. This ruler is fabulous for many sizes of triangles. 
Cut a strip e.g. 4 and 1/4" if you are wanting a 4 and 1/4" triangle.
You may cut several layers at one time, ensuring that your strips are level. 
Use scraps or one light fabric and one dark. 
I am sorry to have used varying types of fabric as I got carried away piecing them and then had to cut more from different fabrics to show the steps. 

Below- Top and tail the triangular ruler (as in  the grey fabrics- which I have separated to show the cuts.)  

Below :- I put a dot on the straight grain while the triangles were still basically in their cut position, so my straight grain would be along the length of e.g a border strip.

Below:- If making a strip or border:- Alternate a light and a dark for your strip. See my pic and refer to Lynette's pirate pattern

My triangles (above) are being used for my shop sample of Lynette Anderson's  Pirate Treasure pattern pictured below.

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