Tuesday, October 14, 2014

sale sale sale sale sale sale sale sale 
Li’l Bloke’s shop is now 14 !!!!  
I opened in October 2000-
The birthday sale is from now until the 31st October 
 **Specials will be on “in-stock” items only.**
* Some specials include:
1. End of half bolts $14.00 per metre 
2. 14% off all kits with the exception of BOMs and mystery quilts
3. Patterns up to $17.60 value (no matter who the designer) @ $14.00
4. Most 112 cm fabrics @ $14.00 per metre min 1 metre (does not include  textured fabrics, or fabrics which have just come in which will be at a 14% discount.
5. Most other quilting and patchwork supplies are discounted by 14%.
6.  Red hot Specials – buy 3 patterns and get the third one (and cheapest) free- no restrictions.
Payment methods: payment must be made in this time period, so excludes fabric card, other discount offers and vouchers.                                                                   

* Postage and handling to be added.
1. Visiting the shop in person 
2. Ringing and having the amount charged to your credit card
3. Cheque or money order
4. Paypal- allow time for me to create an invoice for you and payment to be made.
5. Direct debit to my bank account: Bank details are BSB: 704 -191 Account No: 22810 Name: L.Hyland- again quick action- if paying by this method you will need to notify me by email with a copy of your transaction. 
* Overseas orders are credit card and paypal only.

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