Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Libby's Bear Mystery BOM

Libby's (from Art Smart Craft Cottage) Bear Mystery 
I ( from today) have the first four stages of this quilt in pattern form. These are also the only patterns I have knowledge of.

Pattern set price: $132.00 which includes p&h within Australia. To be posted at the end of each month
Kit price: $43.20 per stage* This price will only be valid until mid July

My kits will contain all fabrics for quilt top and binding, weaveline for the embroidered backgrounds,fusible web, embroidery threads, laces (not doilies) and buttons #.
 # I am really not sure of buttons either, but have been prepared to take a gamble that a similar number ( or less) will be used in future blocks.
The kits will contain braids and trims where I use them, but in some cases where raw edges are not easy to contain, I have preferred (and opted for) additional embroidery instead of braids.
I cannot include doilies as it is still an unknown as to how many and what variety may be in the various stages, and I therefore may not be able to supply all that is needed.

I am making my sample as near to the colors that Libby has used, although Libby told me she has used many scraps for her quilt,  so there would be little likelihood of having exactly the same fabrics in every instance, but I do have some the same, and some very similar.

Hopefully I will remember to post the other 3 covers tomorrow....need to bring them home from the shop  to do so.

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