Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teaching my designs and copyright

I have never refused permission for people to teach my designs, although some people's methods have not led to pleasing results. All I ask is that the participants in any class purchase a pattern from me(available through the tutor).  I have always sold these patterns to the tutor at a reduced i.e. wholesale cost.
BUT I do draw the line at people photocopying my designs to use in their classes. This is THEFT !
I have never..... repeat NEVER given permission for anyone to photocopy my designs.

If you are in the south island of New Zealand and have enlisted for a class on my "Gollies and Mammies" cushion design, you are possibly enrolling in a class to be taken by someone who is a thief. This person has not only taught  from my designs using photocopied patterns, but I believe has also done it to other designers.
Why should this person be allowed to derive an income from other peoples' hard work ?

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