Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Libby's Mystery Quilt

Coming soon- 
Libby's (from Art Smart Craft Cottage) Bear Mystery 

Stage 1 pattern arrived late Feb.
Please let me know asap if you would like this as a pattern or kit, as I am sure this is going to be a winner !!!!!
Prices  and kit details will be published as soon as  I have all the information.
Approximate cost of pattern set (10 patterns) will be at least $100.00. Patterns ordered before March 20th can be locked in at $100.00. I have changed this from the previous date of the end of Feb due to my newsletter being quite late to notify people of this special.
Further patterns will have to have the price increased. At this stage the patterns are coming out monthly from Libby, and I am not sure whether this will continue, so the $100.00 price is very cheap and may not be able to be sustained with the nuerous postings required.
Stage 2 is expected at the end of March.

Note re fabrics in my kits: Price for kits should be ready by March 20th.
I am making my sample as near to the colors that Libby has used, although Libby told me she has used many scraps for her quilt,  so there would be little liklihood of having exactly the same fabrics in every instance, but I do have some the same, and some very similar.

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