Thursday, July 11, 2013

RIP Mary Ellen Hopkins.

RIP Mary Ellen Hopkins.
Author of many quilting books, and creator of many inspirational quilting methods, and a much loved tutor world-wide. Her legacy lives on with many quilters being very much influenced by her designs and teaching methods.  Some of her books included: It’s Ok if you Sit on My Quilt, Connecting Up, Baker’s Dozen Doubled.
I met Mary Ellen down at Arawata at Julie Wallace’s Quilters’ Barn, some years ago when we were both tutors there. Naturally I was overawed to be in the same company. An amazing and fun-loving lady. I am sure Julie wouldn’t mind me sharing the fact that the photo she sent me yesterday had Mary Ellen wearing a teeshirt that said:-

“The YEARS have been kind to me,
it’s the WEEKENDS that have done me in”

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