Monday, June 3, 2013

Sale 13th of each month !!!

Li’l Bloke’s shop is 13 this year  !!!!
and, as there is no 13th month in our calendar, I am having specials on the 13th of each month   (providing the 13th is a shop day). There will be heaps of things at $13.00 and also 13% discount off other products. The specials will change each month. June will be the first month and I am hopeful of adding lots of fabrics to my blog as this will be one of the main areas for specials. Refer to the blog between now and the 13th as I will add more as time to photograph and put them on becomes available.. These specials will only be available for payment on that day and will be available to mail order customers as well as customers through the door.
Pay by :
1. visitng the shop in person 
2. ringing and having the amount charged to your credit card
3. Cheque or money order
4. Paypal- allow time for me to create an invoice for you and payment to be made.
4. direct debit to my bank account: Bank details are BSB: 704 -191 Account No: 22810 Name: L.Hyland
if paying by this method you will need to notify me by email with a copy of your transaction. 

* Overseas orders are credit card and paypal only.

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