Saturday, February 10, 2018

Competition time

Time for a giveaway !!!  You will need to go to my Li'l Bloke's Facebook page to enter.

Therefore I have not posted the photos of all of the bundles for your selection. 

More bundles - some have been created from some of my fave fabrics which have been stashed away for some time for little old me-and  I now realise I won’t be able to sew them all !!!!! Some have been taken from kit tubs - kits which I can’t continue to make as some  fabrics in those kits have run out. 
Name your favorite bundle to be in the draw to win one- if you select a bundle less than a metre you will still receive a metre of fabrics. 
In case you can’t read the labels- 
Pam Buda, Brackman & Thompson, Barbara Brackman, Letters Home, Betsy Chutchian- with a little Karen Styles, Kathy Hall, Brannock & Patek, Carol Endres, Judi & Jo-mostly blues, Jo Morton’s Compliments, Judi Rothermel-mixed ranges. 
Two winners will be randomly selected.
Closes Saturday 24th.

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