Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Competition winners

Competition winners !!! 

Many  thanks for the great reception to my competition. I was pretty chuffed with the response and therefore drew two numbers from my Lynn Hyland page and one from my Li'l Bloke's page. Sabine A was the overwhelming winner, with people preferring their own choice of hairstyle. It seems the clothing also had some impact  on decisions made, whereas it was the preferred head  I was trying to gauge. Luckily the two winners on this page chose different Gollies so the winners are:
Lindy Tormey for Sabine A
And Jo Upton-Seelander for Sabine B. 
Sue Handford  is the winner from my 
Li'l  Bloke's page. All three- Please send me your details ( private message or text 0424452024 ) so that I can send your gollie out to you. Sue, please choose a gollie from the other photo and nominate the head you would like A or B. If B I can swap the head for you.  Thanks again folks.
I am assuming Lindy and Jo will be happy with the original A and B.

If you want to find out the latest at 
Li'l Bloke's check out my Facebook page. 
I am about to get my head around Instagram as well. 

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